Suarez Point, ESPAÑOLA ISLAND - The Galapagos Islands

This is one of the most outstanding wildlife areas of the archipelago, with a long list of species found along its cliffs and sand or pebble beaches. In addition to five species of nesting seabirds there are the curious and bold Española Island mockingbirds, Galápagos doves and Galápagos hawks. Several types of reptiles, including the marine iguana and the oversized lava lizard, are unique to this island..

The Galapagos Islands


About Suarez Point...


  • Activities: Short Hike
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Type of Landing: Dry Landing
  • Highlights: Hood Mockingbird, Nazca Boobies, Waved Albatross, Red-billed tropicbirds, lava lizards, Galapagos Hawk, Blue-footed Boobies, blow hole, Galapagos Dove, marine iguana, amazing landscape.